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Online Convocation Registration CIIT: News on 2/9/2014 67th Convocation
Important News for Newly Admitted Students CIIT: News on 28/08/2014 Islamabad Campus
Important News for Existing Students CIIT: News on 28/08/2014 Islamabad Campus
2nd Merit List of MS Physics CIIT: News on 16/08/2014 Islamabad Campus
Third Merit List FALL 2014 CIIT: News on 12/08/2014 Islamabad Campus
Second Merit List FALL 2014 CIIT: News on 25/07/2014 Islamabad Campus
Graduate Merit List FALL 2014 CIIT: News on 23/07/2014 Islamabad Campus
Undergraduate Merit List FALL 2014 CIIT: News on 18/07/2014 Islamabad Campus
ANNOUNCEMENT-DRAWING TEST AND INTERVIEWS-Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Design CIIT: News on 09/07/2014 ADMISSIONS FALL 2014
Positions Available for Project CIIT: News on 04/07/2014 Positions Available for Project
CU PRINTERS CIIT: News on 04/07/2014 In-House Facility of Printing for all Campuses
CAA Circular (Information to Passengers) CIIT: News on 04/07/2014 CAA Circular
CIIT holds reference in honor of late Prof. Kamaluddin Ahmed CIIT: News on 02/07/2014
Tender Notice for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 300 Lines VOIP Telephone exchange CIIT: News on 27/06/2014 Tender Notice
Notice for Resource Persons CIIT: News on 30/05/2014 Notice for Resource Persons
Expression of Interest for Construction of 200 Apartment in Islamabad CIIT: News on 26/05/2014 Construction of 200 Apartment
Admissions Fall 2014-MS In Health Information at Islamabad Campus CIIT: News on 26/05/2014 Admissions Fall 2014
HEC PAK-USAID Merit & Needs Based Scholarship Program Phase II CIIT: News on 12/05/2014 HEC PAK-USAID
100 Scholarships BS Mathematics - Admissions Fall 2014-Islamabad Campus CIIT: News on 12/05/2014 Admissions Fall 2014-Islamabad Campus
Student of Islamabad Campus Secured 2nd Position in Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) CIIT: News on 09/05/2014 CIIT Islamabad Campus
Admissions Fall 2014 CIIT: News on 06/05/2014 CIIT Islamabad Campus
Social Change and Positive Thinking CIIT: News on 24/04/2014 Social Change and Positive Thinking
Seminar on Psychophobia CIIT: News on 21/04/2014 Seminar on Psychophobia
CIIT and CIMA Signs MoU CIIT: News on 15/04/2014 MoU
Seminar on "A Knowledge based Society" CIIT: News on 10/04/2014 Seminar
Student Week Activities Reports CIIT: News on 10/04/2014 Student Week
Department of Meteorology Seminar Series CIIT: News on 02/04/2014 Seminar
5-Day Management Workshop for OG-I, SG-IV & SG III CIIT: News on 02/04/2014 Seminar